About Us

The Stronghold Leadership team is made up of veterans and those currently serving in the guard and reserve components with a passion for helping those both in and out of the uniform. We’re committed to meeting you where you are and providing the education and training you need to take the next step in your career. Our mission is your education and professional development.

What we do

Stronghold Leadership is committed to providing an exceptional professional development experience for all our students.

We have an experienced staff of instructors who will help guide you through course material and apply their practical experience to lessons and challenging practical exercises. You’ll be given industry-standard courses and curriculum in an environment that’s fun, engaging, and professional.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To help our fellow service members, veterans and those who support the military pursue their next profession—whether it’s a new career path or following their time in service. We strive to deliver the best service for our students. Stronghold provides a network of military, veteran, and civilian professionals that are prepared to tackle modern business problems using both innovative and proven methodologies.

Stronghold Leadership was created in 2019 by Greencastle Consulting CEO Joe Crandall to give back to the military and veteran community.

Greencastle was founded on the tenant that our service to the military community doesn’t end once separated from active service. Rather, it provides veterans with a unique opportunity to help our brothers and sisters reach, or even find their next goal.

Leadership team

Stronghold Leadership became a registered nonprofit organization in 2022 and has since helped nearly 100 service members develop their professional skillsets to confidently and successfully pursue their passions. Stronghold aims to serve more transitioning service members, veterans, and military supporters with expanded professional development services, networking events, and community service initiatives.

Our team is entirely veterans.

Each member has served or is currently serving in the guard or reserve components—and each of them has a passion to help others. We’re committed to your success and understand just how challenging it can be to transition from active service to civilian life, or how difficult it can be to change careers. Our team brings extensive experience working in both the military and civilian corporate environments. We know you’ll feel right at home working with us.

Our team is entirely veterans.